Challah Bread

This weekend I made Challah bread.
Challah reminds me a lot of Italian sweet bread, a bread that Italians (at least in my family) have at Easter time. It can have raisins or other dried fruit in it. It’s wonderful freshly cut, or toasted. My mother makes two loaves, one with raisins and another plain.
Back to the Challah.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter, if you’re not allergic, is pretty amazing and I love how versatile it is. It can be decadent or  wholesome; chunky or smooth; a snack or a meal. Not to mention it’s inexpensive, something you can even make yourself, and pairs well with chocolate, banana, fruit…the list goes on.

I’m looking for an everyday peanut butter cookie. One that’s wholesomely decadent. One that doesn’t call for white flour and lots of butter, white sugar and brown sugar.

wait, there’s more!

Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies (healthy style)

Today I was determined. Determined to make it to the AM spin class. I left on time. I got there on time. My determination paid off. Until, that is, I discovered I had arrived an hour late and the class was ending. I couldn’t walk out. I walked in and geared up my bike with such confidence and determination.  Instead of walking out, I decided to stay and spin on my own. I’ve never done this and at the start I thought I would never again, but by the end I was glad I made the mistake. I challenged myself and worked up a sweat. Feeling good, I went home and baked these cookies.

These cookies are packed with flavor. Banana, cinnamon, and chocolate. While in most cases it’s an oxy-moron, these cookies are healthy. Crazy-sauce! These cookies have no dairy, sugar (except for the chocolate chunks), or flour. How could they be good? They are good. Maybe it’s because they are guiltless, or maybe it’s because the cinnamon, chocolate and banana work so well together.

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Oatmeal Chocolate-Chunk Buckwheat Cookies

One day I’m writing about a detox and the next cookies. Welcome to my world! I missed spending time with butter, sugar and vanilla, not to mention a Pandora playlist of my choosing. So, in preparation for Sunday’s series two premier of Downton Abby I spent some quality time with the aforementioned ingredients and made some special cookies.

These cookies are good, like really, really good.

wait, there’s more!

Happy New Year

Goodbye, 2011…

1. Real Simple Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

2. Sunporch re-do

3. Strawberry Upside-down Cake

4. Cinnamon Granola

5. Seeing Stripes– Guest Bathroom re-d0

6. Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti (aka grown up cinnamon toast crunch)

7. DIY Window Panels

8. Red Velvet Cake with Fluffy White Frosting

9. DIY Chalkboard

10. Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with Cinnamon Mascarpone Frosting

11. Greece

12. DIY Outdoor Patio

Hello, 2012! With the new year comes fresh starts and all that mushy crap that I eat up and love. Cheers!

Brown Butter Smore Krispies

M and I have been back and forth on a fire-pit for our backyard. I long for roasting marshmallows and sitting around the fire during a plain ol’ work week, let alone a Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes it’s the little things. I don’t know why I long for it. I don’t like marshmallows that much.

Either way, when I saw these treats on notwithoutsalt, they looked like the perfect cure. I forgot how easy no-bake treats are. In keeping with notwithoutsalt’s random acts of cookies I wrapped up two packages and made a few coworkers smile.

wait, there’s more!