Our Fine Life

Our little life has changed in a big way. On May 19 we welcomed our son, Oliver into our world and our family. To say it’s been a joy every moment would be a lie, but to say that I would go backwards would be too. He is amazing and keeps us smiling with his countless faces, coos, and diaper changes. M and I often find ourselves staring at him in awe and sometimes with spit-up and pee all over my shirt. I always thought that was an exaggeration by new parents, sadly- especially when you have a little boy- it is true and at times can not be avoided.

Welcome Ollie

On that note, Our Fine House is that much fuller now. Granted house projects, baking and cooking have taken a back seat for the last two weeks, but we are excited about the new life we have ahead. Since I haven’t been blogging much the last year or so, we have a lot of updating to share. We’ve renovated our upstairs bathroom, had a lot of fun creating Oliver’s room, and revamping our living room, and not to mention I still haven’t shared the “after” photos of our kitchen remodel from 2011- what?

That being said, with Oliver’s arrival comes a new beginning and I’m looking forward to sharing that here with whoever will listen.


Happy Anniversary

Hi everyone! You’ve heard me mentioned in Rosi’s posts before, but I’m embarrassed to say that this is my first post. I’m Rosi’s husband, Marshall, and the reason I am finally making a post is because our one year anniversary is this Sunday! I can’t believe it. We’ve packed so much into a year, but it stills feels like our wedding just happened. Over the past year, Rosi has become a blog fanatic and I love her passion for writing, her knack for finding new DIY projects, and especially the tasty recipes she comes across. So, I thought it fitting to make my own post on the top ten reasons why I love Rosi. Some of these might be a little sentimental, but it’s all off the cuff:

1. Her kindness– I’ve never met anyone who has as warm of a heart as Rosi. She is friendly to everyone she meets and although the awkward social person in me might doesn’t always agree with having lengthy conversations with store clerks, I can’t help but be amazed at her openness to offer friendship to anyone who will receive it. I love her for that.

2. Her energy– I don’t consider myself a lazy person, but I do enjoy sleeping. Rosi, on the other hand, is often on her second cup of coffee and has already baked a pie by the time I come downstairs. This energy is contagious and continuously pushes me to do more with my day (something we could all use). I love her for that.

3. Her sense of humor– Rosi and I first bonded while watching an episode of Scrubs, featuring “The Poop Song” and the first movie we watched together was Borat. While is might seem like we are a couple stoner high school students, it does go to show how insanely fun she can be. I’ve never met any woman who has her ability to make me laugh, even when times are tough. She never takes life too seriously and I love her for that.

4. Her passion– Whether it’s being part of a great cause through work, baking, blogging, or gardening, Rosi give her all to everything she does. I am continuously amazed by how much she gives to those around her, how much she puts into everything she does, and still loves me as much as she does. I love her for that.

5. Her health– Rosi and I love to eat. Neither one of us is overweight or unhealthy about it, but we both have a passion for good food and drinks. That said, Rosi makes sure that we are both eating healthy, organic and watching what we eat. She pushes us to both to be better, healthier people and I lover her for that.

6. Her family– Not having grown up in a very big family, I was initially a little overwhelmed at how big and how close Rosi’s family is. But I was quick to find how incredibly welcoming they are and I’ve learned so much more about Rosi having been around her family. I see where she comes from and I love everything about her that much more. I am now a part of that family and I having never been so excited to start our own. I love her for that.

7. Her smile– We both work tough jobs–at the same company–which can be tough, but also allows us to see each whenever we want during the day. But when the days grow long and the work gets grueling, I get to come home to Rosi’s smile. It always seems to wash away all the negative from my day and puts things into perspective. I lover her for that.

8. Her love of travel– We are going to Greece this fall! I am so excited and could not have a better person to travel with. I told Rosi the other day that I love traveling with her because it’s like bringing a piece of home with us wherever we go. The way she takes care of me and keeps things in check at home remains the same on the road. No place is that unfamiliar with her at my side. I lover her for that

9. Her values– These are a in large part, because of her family, but Rosi has an amazing set of her own values as well. Things she developed growing up on a farm, traveling in college, and living in Boston. All of these experiences combined with being raised by the most patient people I have ever met in her mom and dad, have built Rosi’s amazing set of values. She does the right thing, always, and she makes me a better person in the process. I love her for that.

10. Her love– This is going to sounds like an 80s country song, but until I met Rosi, I had a pretty confused understanding of what love felt like. It always seemed so difficult to make relationships work and I never felt like I was getting out what I was putting in. Almost 4 years into ours and a year into our marriage, I can honestly say that since that first “real date” hiking in Watkins Glen, love has never been so easy. I will always lover her for that.

Happy Anniversary Bear!


Fine Friday: Top Five

Seriously, I’ve been such a loser-blogger lately. I’ve hardly had the time to go to work, the gym and then cook dinner, let alone sit down and enjoy a few solid minutes of writing.

We did something fun the other day. We decided to vacation to one of our top five places this Fall. On our very first date we talked a lot, a lot and a lot more. One of the topics was how much we both love the movie High Fidelity, which then led us to sharing various top five lists. One of the shared lists was our top five places to travel to. What we found is that we both have a love of other cultures, my is definitely more emotional, but we also found that we both desperately wanted to experience Greece.

wait, there’s more!

Our Fine Weekend: Progress

I love progress…love, love, love it! Almost as much as I love ice cream. Can you tell I’m working on my ice cream intake? Anyway, we made awesome progress on the great re-do this past weekend. I’m so proud of the husband. He was able to finish the floor tiling project and it looks awesome. I feel taller when I’m walking on it, it’s probably because we are so used to walking on the sub-floor. Now we’re a whole half-inch taller. Did I tell you, every cabinet now has a door or drawer and a knob or pull. Every single one.

Fine Friday: When the dust settles

Happy Friday all!

Ever since Deanna blogged about The Owl House we have been looking forward to trying it. Thank goodness we are headed there tonight. Yesterday, I shared how crazy our week was and how Marshall and I are looking forward to finishing our big re-do project, so we can move on. Here’s a taste of a few projects we have our eyes on for when the dust settles…

{DIY Chalkboard} I love the way Pottery Barn and other bloggers use chalkboards. I think they are a fun, creative and rustic way to write cute messages as a family or share a fun menu with guests. I still can’t decide if I would like a simple frame or a more decorative frame. Images from PotteryBarn.com, StyleHive.com, and CentsationalGirl.com.

wait, there’s more!

Preparing for 2011, financially

Today the Statts went back to work. Ho-hum and just like that our short Christmas was over, but we have another Christmas this Thursday and Friday with my parents and siblings, so we are already preparing our bellies for more goodness.

I started to think about the New Year today. One thing I like to do during this time of year, like everyone else I assume, is take a good financial look back. What did we spend all our hard-earned dough on? So, one of my goals this week is looking back at our expenses and setting the Statt’s 2011 budget—so fun, but necessary. I know it’s dreadfully responsible of me, but we have goals and dreams too and keeping track of our financials will help us get there just a bit quicker!

Picture from University of South Carolina Housing

How do I do this?

  • Print or review online are bank statements for each month in 2010
  • Categorize our spending: eating out, entertainment, groceries, mortgage, gifts, clothes, etc.
  • Determine monthly spending figures on each category
  • Average how much was spent in each category for the year
  • Review the spending with Marshall
  • Determine new budget for 2011 together this way we both stick to it and encourage each other