Before & After: Stairway

When we bought our home it was bare. Completely bare. No window treatments; even the curtain rods were missing,  and no towel racks or toilet paper holders. In fact the first night we stayed here I had to change in the stairway as to not scare the neighbors.

What else was missing? The stairway had no handrail. It made moving furniture upstairs really easy, but the stairway always looked a bit naked. To add to its nudity there was no runner-up the stairs. I love how wood stairs look, but in a house that was built-in 1950 a naked stairway is a noisy stairway. Guests, not to mention my sleepy husband, could easily be woken by this girls love of the early morning quiet.


So, when we learned of Oliver’s upcoming arrival we made the list of to-dos and the stairway was on it. First, we needed a handrail to create a safer passage way with a wobbly newborn and second we needed to sound proof it the best we could to make it easier on our babe’s ears when he is sleeping upstairs or down.

We looked into our options for months and didn’t really like what we were finding. In the end it came down to paying someone to install a runner, which was expensive or purchasing carpet stair treads from The Home Depot which we didn’t like the look of.

So, we created our own solution. We found runners we liked at Target and purchased 4 of them, to fit the length of our stairway and padding from The Home Depot. Using a nail gun, we placed the padding the runner and went to town. The end result is exactly what we wanted, the look of a custom piece with the price of 4 runners on clearance from Target and some padding, not to mention a little sweat from M.

stairs after

I think Oliver likes it too- at least we think so as he hasn’t complained about the creaky stairway!


Before & After: Sunporch

On the drive home from my parents on our anniversary weekend, M and I were thinking about house projects. Long drives always make us think and allow us the space to dream. We stopped at the nearest Home Depot, picked up paint, went home and got to work. I wish all projects were that easy, but with an outdoor space like this I was willing to take a little more risk and just get to it.

wait, there’s more!

Garage sale finds

I have a love-hate relationship with garage sales. I feel bad when I pass by on someone’s sale because I don’t like the look of what they’re selling, but I love finding something for 10 cents or a piece of furniture that I can breath new life into and provide a new home to. Marshall loves them and unlike me, he doesn’t feel bad at all when he passes on someone’s merchandise. I guess that’s what makes us a pair.

Our neighborhood garage sale weekend was the same as our anniversary weekend. We ventured out early on Saturday morning, but I couldn’t bring myself to visit my closest neighbors. There’s just something weird about taking stuff from the house next to me. We were able to find a few really great things, all from one couple that is retiring to a beautiful nearby lake.

I can’t wait to spice-up the chair we scored for $15. I am planning on re-upholstering the cushion and trying to decide whether to spray paint the chair or not. We’ll see!

The wicker chair we got for $5, probably could have done better but I was out of the game by then and was ready to move on with our day. We don’t have any lounge seating for our patio yet, so in the interim Marshall thought this chair would do. The wicker was very weathered and uncomfortable because of it. We both thought a little spray paint might just make it a little more comfortable and clean to sit it and in our eyes that definitely did the trick. I’m not sure about the gray, so I may be changing that up shortly.

Before & After: Tile Floor

It’s been wonderful to have a floor again in the back hall way, laundry area and bathroom- not to mention having our washer and dryer back after three weeks without one and having our downstairs bathroom back after two months without it. When your without something for so long you start to get used to living without it. I still walk upstairs to use the bathroom and Marshall reminds me when I’m half way up the stairs.

For our first tiling job I think we did pretty good…ok, pretty darn good. We posted a step by step on how we tackled tile flooring here. Here’s a look back at where we started and how it looks now.


wait, there’s more!

Before & After: Our Dining Room Table

I love gifts, surprises and the works. I’m definitely not one of those who poo poos a surprise. So you can imagine how happy we were when we were gifted a kitchen table and four chairs from Marshall’s Aunt and Uncle. It was a basic polyurethane table. The table had many dents from two little ones shooting race cars across it, pencil digs, and glue stains. After being their family’s kitchen table for many years we were hoping to refurbish it and make it ours. There house was large. They had two tables- a dining room table and a kitchen table. We aren’t that lucky. We have one space that serves both functions. Here’s a look at our work…finishing wood work is an art form, so you can tell we need a little more time to refine it. We are still really happy with the way it turned out.

Kitchen Room Table:

wait, there’s more!

New stop: Our Fine House Tour

Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesday.

You may not have noticed it, but I added a new stop on Our Fine House. In the upper left you’ll find Our Fine House Tour.

I’m a little behind on getting this done, as I was hoping to publish it this past fall. Here you’ll find all of our updates room by room. Soon, fingers crossed, the whole house will be added and the tour will be complete. Look for the complete tour of Casa Statt this Monday.

Before & After: Upstairs Bath

We have two bathrooms  in our 1950s-build. It’s definitely not the McMansion’s 3-5 baths, but for us it works. What doesn’t work is the size of our upstairs bath, the jacuzzi tub, and the fact that the vanity is butted-up against the tub. It’s the only shower/tub in the house, so our down-the-road-when-we-recover-from-the-kitchen-plan is to gut it and create a space that is bright, clean and big enough for the shower and vanity to not be touching, especially for when the little Statts start running around.

For now, we simply updated the paint, added a shelf, added a few extra hooks, updated the knobs on the vanity and storage cabinetry, and added a roman shade.


wait, there’s more!