Meet Rosi

I’m Rosi. I live in a very old, very fine house with my husband, Marshall. It wasn’t always this way. Before upgrading to our 1550-square foot home (still too small for most people), we were shared a 750-square foot apartment. It was in this small space that my husband and I promised to spend the rest of our lives together. I’m still convinced he fell in love with my cooking and then me. Either way, I lucked out.

I started this blog to capture our adventures in renovating, as we don’t have a lick of experience. Since, it has turned into a place where I share myself, my life, renovating our home, and my adventures in cooking, baking and learning photography. It’s my blank canvas for the stories my heart wants to tell.

What else?

I dream of opening a bakery. When I picture it I have flour all over my face and apron. My guilty pleasures are chick flicks and British comedies. My perfect night is going out to dinner with my husband, family and friends. I drink wine. Syrah and Old Vine Zins are my favorites and my favorite spots in my house are my kitchen and couch. Oh yes…I love, love, love being an aunt!


One Reply to “Meet Rosi”

  1. I absolutely love your blog and I read it almost everyday. You are so crafty and have such a unique style. I can’t wait until I own a home and am able to remodel as much as you do. Your home looks beautiful. Keep up the good work.

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