Our Fine Life

Our little life has changed in a big way. On May 19 we welcomed our son, Oliver into our world and our family. To say it’s been a joy every moment would be a lie, but to say that I would go backwards would be too. He is amazing and keeps us smiling with his countless faces, coos, and diaper changes. M and I often find ourselves staring at him in awe and sometimes with spit-up and pee all over my shirt. I always thought that was an exaggeration by new parents, sadly- especially when you have a little boy- it is true and at times can not be avoided.

Welcome Ollie

On that note, Our Fine House is that much fuller now. Granted house projects, baking and cooking have taken a back seat for the last two weeks, but we are excited about the new life we have ahead. Since I haven’t been blogging much the last year or so, we have a lot of updating to share. We’ve renovated our upstairs bathroom, had a lot of fun creating Oliver’s room, and revamping our living room, and not to mention I still haven’t shared the “after” photos of our kitchen remodel from 2011- what?

That being said, with Oliver’s arrival comes a new beginning and I’m looking forward to sharing that here with whoever will listen.


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