Channeling Ms. Meyers

Is it possible to fall in love with a space you’ve never set foot in?

Ms. Nancy Meyers, director, writer and set designer of Holiday, It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give and Father of the Bride creates those types of spaces fo me. I rented It’s Complicated on a girl’s night and fell in love with Meryl Streep’s home. It felt like home to me. Everything about it was amazing. It looked cozy, comfortable, mature, yet effortlessly thrown together. Since seeing that movie, I learned more about Nancy Meyers and her amazing eye for design. It may help that you not only fall in love with the spaces, but her characters as well. There are some amazing blogs and professional articles written about her work to learn more about her.

When we closed on our house in October 2009, Marshall and I started painting the living room after we set down our last moving box and it was complete before we started work on Monday. It didn’t take much time to pick the color, paint the trip and roll the walls.

Regardless, I’m ready to take my living room from this….

To my version of this…

Yes, it’s possible. We have a few obsticles, like space and we don’t have that gorgeous ceiling, but we are using this amazing space as our inspiration for our new living room. A few things we will change as well, like the blue and orange accents. Mood board to come.

We start this weekend with wall color.


One Reply to “Channeling Ms. Meyers”

  1. I AGREE!!!!! I just kept talking about Meryl’s home in that movie after my family saw it on Christmas last year. It’s a running gag now that I was the family member in love with the movie – and I CANNOT get my family to understand I was ga-ga over her KITCHEN in the movie – not the movie itself.

    Oh well.

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