Welcome to September

Summer took over the last month of weekends- cottaging, reading and spending time with family. Work has taken over the weeks, getting home late makes for short nights of cooking dinner, cleaning up and folding laundry.

I miss our home a bit. I miss spending time in it and caring for it. I think I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for the slow down. Crisp Saturdays of warm coffee, apple picking, and walking in a street of fallen leaves, and Sunday football (until I get sick of it).

The project list for our home is growing. I’m getting a little tired of staring at the unfinished projects in our house. We won’t be able to tackle any of these until after Greece. It’s horrible, but right now I’m not even looking forward our big trip. I know I’ll be thankful when it comes, but it seems like more work and lately, I’ve had enough work.

This weekend the hus and boys in the family took in the Belgian Beer Festival in Boston, while the girls took in some shopping and amazing iced chai from The South End Buttery. It was a quick weekend, but the family time and time in the city was welcomed.

I also spent the entire ride home reading Food Matters, by Mark Bittman. Eye-opening.

Welcome to September!


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