Tomorrow’s projects

It’s August! What? I know!

Last summer we were married in June, painted the exterior of our house in July and started the major kitchen renovation in August. We worked it. Each and every night after work and on weekends we poured ourselves into making our house everything we dreamed of. It was worth it, but it’s been just as worth it for M and I to take it easier this summer.

After we took on the challenge of a DIY patio in three days over Memorial Day weekend, we made a pact to enjoy the outdoors and summer- hence the lack of indoor project posts. That includes finishing the kitchen. So, here’s a list of projects we plan to tackle after the dog days are over and before 2012. PS. I still love that song!

1. Hide the cable cord and find/sew new window panels. That cable cord begs to be tacked down, not to mention the curtains that are just too short!

2. Dress it up! There is no excuse for our naked living room walls. We’ve been in our house nearly 2 years! Enter gallery wall here.

3. Thresholds. Yikes, we’ve been living sans-thresholds between our kitchen and dining and living rooms since this winter.

4. Molding. A spot of molding is just the fix to hide the connection of the soffit and cabinet.

5. Shelving and Doors. We’ve got the doors, now we just need to paint them and slap ’em up there, oh and custom shelving for cleaning, laundry and pantry items.

6. Sand and Spot Paint. We got close, the molding is up and the nail holes are covered, we just need to sand the wood filler and spot paint to give it a bright, clean, finished look!

7. Paint the door WHITE!

8. Natural Light. We need some in our back hallway of doors, so replacing this door with a new door is something we hope to do before December!

9. Get rid of it! That dirt has got to go. We’ve used some of it in our landscaping, but the remaining dirt from our patio dig needs to be taken care of before the first snow!

10. Finish the landscaping. Oh and add a privacy fence, but I think that will have to be 2012.


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