Before & After: Sunporch

On the drive home from my parents on our anniversary weekend, M and I were thinking about house projects. Long drives always make us think and allow us the space to dream. We stopped at the nearest Home Depot, picked up paint, went home and got to work. I wish all projects were that easy, but with an outdoor space like this I was willing to take a little more risk and just get to it.

The lower, middle picture is from when we were doing our home inspection- you can see that the space we filled with the patio.

The stained blue carpet smelled (like cat pee I was just informed) and never looked or felt clean. And, the white walls didn’t make the space inviting. For such a wonderfully unique space in our house, M and I didn’t enjoy spending time in it.

Keeping our downstairs color scheme in mind and my desire to try something bold and saturated like the kitchen, terracotta kept coming to my mind-not the flat terracotta. I wanted something a bit more punchy. In my head the color looked perfect against the living room’s mint-blue green, then the entryway’s cream and finally the kitchen’s schoolhouse slate. We settled on Behr’s Caribbean Coral.

It turned out just as I imagined it…bold, warm and inviting. We really like the way it looks from the corner seat when looking into the house.

After painting we shopped for a neutral outdoor carpet and found Lowes had the best price and style for us. It was quick, easy and inexpensive. The paint and carpet cost $115.

Since making over this space we spend time out here, as much as we can and one day, when I’m not working and it’s raining I will get my dream: to sit on this porch in the rain with tea, reading a book.


4 Replies to “Before & After: Sunporch”

  1. You two did a gorgeous job on this! It’s amazing what the right coat of paint and a new carpet will do. And this look like the perfect space for tea and a book (or wine a board game!). Love it!!!

  2. You’re such a romantic, Rosi. You could even try hot chocolate in the snow – for about 5 min. đŸ™‚ I love it. I’m a huge fan of orange hues and I think I see some recycled/repurposed furniture in there… even better.

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