Garage sale finds

I have a love-hate relationship with garage sales. I feel bad when I pass by on someone’s sale because I don’t like the look of what they’re selling, but I love finding something for 10 cents or a piece of furniture that I can breath new life into and provide a new home to. Marshall loves them and unlike me, he doesn’t feel bad at all when he passes on someone’s merchandise. I guess that’s what makes us a pair.

Our neighborhood garage sale weekend was the same as our anniversary weekend. We ventured out early on Saturday morning, but I couldn’t bring myself to visit my closest neighbors. There’s just something weird about taking stuff from the house next to me. We were able to find a few really great things, all from one couple that is retiring to a beautiful nearby lake.

I can’t wait to spice-up the chair we scored for $15. I am planning on re-upholstering the cushion and trying to decide whether to spray paint the chair or not. We’ll see!

The wicker chair we got for $5, probably could have done better but I was out of the game by then and was ready to move on with our day. We don’t have any lounge seating for our patio yet, so in the interim Marshall thought this chair would do. The wicker was very weathered and uncomfortable because of it. We both thought a little spray paint might just make it a little more comfortable and clean to sit it and in our eyes that definitely did the trick. I’m not sure about the gray, so I may be changing that up shortly.


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