Our Fine Weekend: Anniversary-style

With the week nearly half over, I’m still thinking about our anniversary weekend and how I am one lucky girl. Our first year of marriage has been packed, but I’ve loved every minute of it and sharing it with Marshall has made every good and bad and mediocre experience worth while. We got married, honeymooned, painted our house, ripped apart our kitchen and put it back together, DIY’d a patio, and much more. We love to spend time together and we know that about ourselves, it’s almost like it doesn’t really happen if he doesn’t see it, or it’s not quite as funny unless he knows about it. There’s no better way of showing someone how much you love them then with a surprise that means a day of something you don’t love as much-right?

Saturday, I surprised Marshall with a beer tour on the East side of Seneca Lake! I rallied together Ange, Jeff and Pa to give him a few people to geek-out beer-style with and Mom and I were able to try the wine. It was sunny, it was rainy, it was fun and full of smiles and laughs, good food and good beer (and wine). I’m so glad we shared the special day with our family, it reminded me of our wedding day in some ways!

Sunday was also special. Marshall and I got to work on an unexpected project that I am hoping to share on Friday and he recreated our wedding dinner on Sunday night. He is a wonderful chef! Thank you to our friends and family for all of the anniversary wishes it was truly a special weekend.


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