the little engine that could

The perfect post title says it all and this one does…it says exactly how I’ve been feeling about everything lately, like I’m going up hill.

I started running again. It’s taking a lot more out of me that it has in the past, I guess that’s the first sign of my age. Yikes! I am running before work. My alarm goes off around 5:40 and I work to be up and running by 6 a.m. Right now I am running 3 miles before work everyday.

Working uphill. everything at work lately seems to take a lot of effort. What used to be effortless is effort-full. Does that make sense?

Finishing the kitchen. It has been beautiful outside and M and I are itching to start our next project. So, the finishing the kitchen is on the back burner right now. Or, at least until it rains.

Digging a big hole. Speaking of our next project, we started digging this week and the patio project is in go-mode. We left the house Saturday hoping to find pavers and we came back a few hours later with a delivery date. The pavers, crusher stone and sand all arrives on Friday, so it looks like I know how we will be spending our Memorial Day Weekend.

Time. I feel like I am doing one thing and am always thinking of something else I want to do. The other night I sat down to read my book, less than two sentences in I put the book down and decided I needed to blog. Then I repeated that process for the next 5 minutes feeling guilty for doing one thing over the other. I guess it’s a decent problem to have though.

Eating & hydrating. With the addition of running to my daily routine I am out of energy at 2 p.m. I never feel like I drink enough water either. Eating right, eating good, and eating properly. It’s always on my mind.

All of this sums up to why I feel like the little engine that could…choo choo!


One Comment on “the little engine that could”

  1. Chrissy says:

    It must be something about this time of the year that overwhelms and exhausts us. I feel the same way lately – the weather is beautiful and a million projects are calling my name at once. But you’re right – it is a decent problem to have, even if I fall asleep by 9:30 most nights! 😉

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