Fine Friday: Holy list, Batman!

Happy Friday. This week flew by, I didn’t even have time to blog like I wanted to. We have a full family weekend ahead of us. My niece and nephew- Adam and Elena- recently turned 5 and 3. Elena’s first dance recital is on Saturday and their birthday party is on Sunday. In between it all we are paying a visit to Miller Brick to start shopping for our next project. So excited!

The other day when it was raining, I was thinking about all we have accomplished with our very first home.

We found our home in July and moved in mid-October. Those months in between the purchase and the move were spent thinking, planning, list making, and dreaming and that was all done with excitement and fear. We made lists. Long lists. Lists of what we would do now, in one year, and in five years. We made priority lists, full of things we wanted to do right away. It was fun and it was naïve, but it was the only outlet for this wonderful thing we just bought and wouldn’t see again for the next four months.

It’s been one and a half years and we’ve really accomplished a lot. We are still making lists, but they are more day by day, or weekend by weekend. The long-term lists are more like conversations for long car rides. That’s when we dream and plan. So, here’s THE LIST of everything we’ve worked on in and out of the house and everything we have yet to do.

Our Fine House To Do List (complete):


  • Remodel and redesign kitchen- we are finishing the crown molding and base/shoe molding now
  • Replace appliances: dishwasher, gas range, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer
  • Paint Rooms: entryway, stairwell and hallway; living room; sun porch; kitchen; laundry room and back hall; downstairs bathroom; basement; bedroom #1 and closet (office); bedroom #2 and closet (master); bedroom #3 and closet (guest bedroom); and upstairs bathroom.
  • Paint all doors and molding and trim
  • Paint and install shoe-molding in every room and on the stairwell
  • Replace all gold door handles with doorknobs- (we have replaced the back hall, guest bathroom and basement doorknobs)
  • Hang pictures/art in: dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom #1,2 and 3, office, back hall, guest bathroom, stairwell and upstairs hall
  • Window treatments: living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom, sun porch, bedroom #1, bedroom #2, bedroom #3, upstairs hall and upstairs bathroom.
  • Remodel and expand upstairs bathroom
  • Replace small back entryway door with half-light exterior door
  • Laundry room: add doors and shelving
  • Install stairway runner and upstairs hall runner
  • Rugs: laundry room, kitchen, entryway, bedroom #1, 2, and 3


  • Paint house, shutters and exterior doors
  • Clean up and beef up front landscaping, remove unwanted plants, shrubs
  • Resurface driveway
  • Reseed lawn, get rid of crab grass and moss
  • Patio
  • Fire pit
  • Garden- herbs and vegetables
  • Clean up and beef up backyard landscaping- remove lilac trees and install a privacy fence and/or trees

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