Our Fine Weekend: Baby Eden

It’s raining. Again. Today. Come on, weather. I’d like to take a walk after dinner, remember what it feels like to be happy, feel sunshine on my face and think the world isn’t doomed.

I guess I shouldn’t complain we had a wonderful weekend in Boston with my sister and brother-in-law and my other sister and my other brother-in-law and Eden and we even saw the sun while we were there. My only wish is that the weekend was longer and that I could take Eden home with me.

Aside from visiting the family, we were able to drink some good beer at Harpoon Brewery with Ange and Jeff and try our first naked lobster roll at the Barking Crab and walk around the Arboretum stopping to eat the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Best of all we celebrated Baby E’s first birthday. I guess she’s not a baby anymore. So, after we quietly sang her Happy Birthday, we watched as she took her first taste of ice cream- JP Licks of course.

Thank you, Lisa and Damon for letting us crash in your apartment for the whole weekend.


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