Fine Friday: Top Five

Seriously, I’ve been such a loser-blogger lately. I’ve hardly had the time to go to work, the gym and then cook dinner, let alone sit down and enjoy a few solid minutes of writing.

We did something fun the other day. We decided to vacation to one of our top five places this Fall. On our very first date we talked a lot, a lot and a lot more. One of the topics was how much we both love the movie High Fidelity, which then led us to sharing various top five lists. One of the shared lists was our top five places to travel to. What we found is that we both have a love of other cultures, my is definitely more emotional, but we also found that we both desperately wanted to experience Greece.

So, after our honeymoon emergency room stay, we decided we need a do-over, not to mention we need some time in a land far-far away. All of that pointed us to happily crossing Greece, off of our top five places to travel.

We’re pretty jazzed. I just said jazzed. Psyched! Pumped! Thrilled! Excited! Over-joyed! Not to mention a little intimidated, I feel like we need a whole month not two weeks.

I’m not sure what we are looking forward to more, but it’s fun reading up on it and figuring out the things we’d like to see, do, eat, drink, experience and accomplish.


2 Replies to “Fine Friday: Top Five”

  1. That’s so great! You guys are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I’ve never been – but my heart tells me to tell you to bring a film camera with you on the adventure 🙂

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