Our Fine Weekend: Easter

Never go to spinning class on a holiday. Why? You are one of eight people in the class. You can’t joke around. The instructor has her eye on you. She will push you. She will push you hard. She won’t let you rest, dial it down or even take longer than two seconds to sip some cool water. Instead, she makes you do the chocolate Easter bunny burner…a sprint that made me stay away from chocolate bunnies all weekend. While I stayed away from the chocolate bunnies I had my fair share of delicious-ness.

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Friday was off to an early start and we headed straight to my parents with a car full of goodies to be eaten before Saturday night. Saturday was Easter dinner at my parents and we had antipasto, followed by lasagna, followed by salad and meat, followed by ricotta cheesecake with strawberries. In between the four-course meal the sun broke through the clouds for a few hours and we jetted outside for an Easter egg hunt and to feel the sun on our faces.

The rain came back on Sunday morning and again in the afternoon as we were headed to Marshall’s parents for Easter dinner. We had lamb. A huge lamb shank and it was the most delicious lamb I’ve ever tasted. As Marshall and his father say so eloquently, it was “seasoned perfectly.” If my eyes gauged it right, they will be eating that lovely lamb all week, but I’m sure they won’t get sick of it at all.

So, you can see I enjoyed my weekend. Hopefully you did as well.


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