The details

It’s all in the details…right?

For the past few months we’ve been working on finishing up the kitchen and adding details. Some major like the crown molding and base molding and some minor such as the shoe-molding.

When we started planning the kitchen I knew I wanted open shelving someplace and the way the kitchen was turning out I wanted the shelves to be rustic looking to add visual interest. At the same time I knew I didn’t want to wash dishes before and after using them, so we also had to have cabinets. Knowing all of this made it easy to decide to put shelves between the driveway window and the needed chase. Recently we went barn hunting for the perfect piece of wood for our small, open, floating shelves. We ended up with a piece of barn siding and we love the end result. It’s a small space, but it definitely adds visual interest and the finished look we are working so hard to accomplish.

Another space, or thing, that needed finishing was our cutting board.

No, this small space wasn’t a mistake, it is for a wood cutting board- or bread board-that my father was tirelessly working on. I grew up with one of his awesome homemade cutting boards and didn’t even think to add it to the design in my new kitchen. Thankfully, he was helping with it and added it in and when he told me it was a tearful and duh moment at the same time. I more than love this reminder of my childhood in our kitchen, it isn’t only sentimental, but it’s extremely functional. We don’t buy sandwich bread anymore, I make our sandwich bread every week which needs to be cut and now I have a special place to do it.

Do you find it’s harder to start or finish projects? For us it’s finish, but we are motivated to stick to our end-of-April deadline!


5 Replies to “The details”

  1. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your baking and kitchen renovation. I especially appreciated your post about wood vs. porcelain tile. I didn’t see final photographs of the whole kitchen, including the floor. Did you post those? It looks great.

    1. Hi Karen: I’m so glad you found my blog. We ended up with wood flooring in our kitchen. Right now we are finishing up the crown and base molding. As soon as that is finished I plan to take final pictures of the kitchen and share them. Thanks for the comment!

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