Picture Perfect

I’ve been in love with gallery walls since my first Pottery Barn magazine. For years I have been staring at that one- you know the one– the blue wall with black and white photos. It’s been calling my name and it’s perfect for an entryway. Now that M and I have our own house and our entryway is less grandiose we’ve decided to think outside the box and find a new space. Oh and I failed to mention that we haven’t made any decisions when it comes to hanging frames or art, we are paralyzed by fear. Fear of making a mistake or not liking the end result and ultimately wasting time and money and not wanting to fix it.

This weekend, we threw all of that out of the window and moved forward. We planned, but we didn’t let fear paralyze us. In between helping M hang the crown molding in our dining room I played with a few frame arrangements. I think I created nearly 20 and it wasn’t until the end that I decided I should have taken pictures because I couldn’t remember the arrangements that I liked. I used our dining room table as a guide for the width and length, as it is similar to the space we have on the wall we’ve chosen.

The frames we used were wedding gifts: the black frames Crate & Barrel and the wood frames are Pottery Barn. The gold mirror is from a local consignment shop.

After choosing the perfect arrangement we decided to use painter’s tape to outline exactly how it would look on the wall. We measured and spaced each frame exactly to make quick work later, using the tape as guidelines for placing the screws/nails.

We love the way it turned out and I’m so excited to have these frames off of the guest bedroom floor. They’ve been there for almost a year now. What did you say? There’s nothing in the frames…shoot, we forgot that part!


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