Fine Friday

Happy April….

I love the beginning of the month. It has a clean and fresh feeling like clean sheets, lemon water, or a crisp morning run. You can, if you choose, leave everything that happened in the month of March behind you. I fully intend to do that. The month was a wonderful month (we celebrated family birthdays and our engagement anniversary and I made my first tart), but I’ve been inspirationally stuck and in a rut. My feet feel like they are taking the same path they always have. It’s that time of year when the gloomy-ness starts to bite chunks out of your soul. Normally it lingers and you can fight it, but when it lingers until April it starts eating away at you. And I need those pieces of me. I am starting to miss them. So, in honor of April 1 I am starting this month fresh.

A few things to note for April:

  • Learn sign language from my friend and coworker, Ernie. Right now I am at a phrase or word every time we converse.
  • Finishing project I start or have been talking about doing forever.
  • Eating whole and in season.

This weekend we are spending some time on our goal of completely finishing the kitchen and dining room by the end of April (Easter actually). When we started the project I was convinced we would be done by November. Ha! So what are we doing this weekend…

Chunky white molding in our dining room. The chunkier the better.

When our media center was delivered last week it proved three things, what were we waiting for, our living room is much bigger than we thought and we need to bite the nail and hang pictures and art-starting this weekend in the dining room.

Not to mention my “to make” baking folder has been growing and growing and I have a few baking adventures I have yet to share with you. So…

Happy Friday + April + Fresh Start


2 Replies to “Fine Friday”

  1. I actually happened upon your blog while googling a recipe and now I’m hooked! I love reading the fun adventures with your home and baking. You inspire me. 🙂

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