Short Holiday

I took a break recently. A long weekend break to visit M’s grandparents in Florida. The best way, I’ve decided, to settle into vacation quickly is flying late. We arrived so late that when we woke up we were already mellowed and ready to relax. The other quick fix is staying in a retirement community- nothing mellows you faster than living with true mellow masters.

Our last few weeks at work have been non-stop. Probably like most people, I know that I am no different. Regardless, my job requires a lot of multitasking and quickly changing gears. This constant activity has warn-out my mind. I can’t recall things quickly, simple things such as names, where something is, a word. While I am approaching 30 years old it’s not yet time for my mind to slip. Even the briefest of breaks offer me peace. After this short one I could easily articulate my thoughts, and communicate and listen better.

We all get into the habit of going through the motions, the purpose of this quick trip (other than visiting two lovely grandparents) was to break those motions. When the seasons are taking a bit too long to change, shake things up yourself. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


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