Our Fine Weekend

Our weekend got off to a humble start. We welcomed the long ride to my parents house to talk and shake-off the week. Going home couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. It’s a safe place and one that I always look forward to spending time at-oh and the people are pretty fantastic too!

After a great breakfast by Pa of texas toast and cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread (oh yea, we made it), we went barn hunting for barn wood and then headed back to Rochester for a night together. I took my first run of the “season” on Saturday. It was cold, but the roads weren’t sloppy. That’s when my running season starts. I don’t do the snow running thing. My nose and hands just can’t handle it.

I forgot my love/hate relationship with running. Once I started, it felt good. I didn’t want to stop. My mind clouded with things and I just kept running until those things stopped popping up. It was liberating. Feeling the muscles in my legs come alive again. It reminds me of how strong my body is and how much it can do.

While my weekend wasn’t sunny- there just wasn’t any in Rochester this weekend- it was nice to spend some time with both sides of my family and my husband. Oh and see the latest entry with the chicest-Bostonite I know….Baby E!

Hope your week is off to a fine start!


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