White-glove Delivery Service

The end of March couldn’t come soon enough- I can’t wait to lace up my running shoes, take an evening walk, and send my winter coat to the dry cleaners (it’s really bad). Oh and it’s also when our new media center arrives. We first posted about our hunt here and to be perfectly honest that’s exactly where it ended. We did nothing after that. Nothing. We talked once about getting an estimate from a local carpenter, but that went nowhere. Usually silence in our house means we’ve decided, there’s nothing more to chat about. It really came down to when we were going to order it versus if, and continuing to shop around.

So today, in the midst of another long work week, we successfully attempted some retail therapy and walked away with a signed piece of paper saying it was ours at the end of March. Now we wait. I’m looking forward to the “white glove delivery” service as it was described to me…I have a feeling these delivery peeps won’t be wearing white gloves. Should I clam false advertising?


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