Fine Friday

When the grass turns from brown to green it’s dress-wearing time. From late-May to October I live in dresses. It’s hard to catch me in anything else. A dress is the single most comfortable thing I own and the best part…it’s easy. There’s no coordinating. Anthropologie’s spring catalog showed up in my mailbox this week, thank you! And it got me in the dress mindset. I can’t wait to pack up my sweaters, boots, and wintery-stuff and pull out my peep-toes!

Here’s a look at what I want in my closet this spring and summer.

1. Cornellian Dress- $328- Anthropologie

2. Colette Dress- $69.50- J.Crew

3. Fountain of Youth Dress- $128- Anthropologie

4. Flounced Gingham Dress-$298- Anthropologie- Darn you, Anthro. This is quite perfect.

5. 3/4 Sleeve Utility Shirtdress- $69.50- The Loft

6. Incorporated Dress- $118- Anthropologie

7. Twisted Stripe Dress- $198- Anthropologie

Happy Friday + Weekend!



2 Replies to “Fine Friday”

  1. I looked at the photo and I thought “I’ll have that one on the left”. Then I scrolled down and saw the prices – isn’t that always the way? The one I like is the most expensive.

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