Dreaming of tile

I dreamed I was tiling in my sleep last night! We didn’t finish laying tile until 11 p.m. The good news is we finished laying all of the backsplash tile and it looks spectacular.

We didn’t start yesterday thinking it was the day we would finish it. Actually, yesterday had a much different start. We went to The Home Depot at lunch to special order backsplash tile for the space behind our oven. We took our time picking it out and loved it so much that we didn’t care it was going to set us back a few weeks. Needless to say, we didn’t order that tile. The space we were working in needed exactly 5 square feet of tile and we found out that you had to order this tile in cases of 10 square feet. Yikes! Half of the cost would be wasted, meaning we would spend more on tile for 5-square feet than we did on the subway tile for our entire backsplash. We just couldn’t do it. So, we decided against it and went with our second choice right off the shelves of The Home Depot.

Here’s a sneak peek at our night!


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