It’s time for an upgrade

Everyone has that once piece of furniture that you can’t wait to get rid of because it’s holding you back, or making you feel like less of an adult. For us it was a couch. We didn’t want to do the hand-me-down couch or futon any longer, so when we decided to move in together we also decided to part with our futons and purchase a couch.

Now that we are well beyond that big purchase, we are onto the next piece that we no longer want to look at. Our makeshift TV stand. It’s an interesting cabinet that I’ve had for a long time. About five years ago I cut a hole in the back for cords to fit through and viola, our TV stand was born. It just isn’t functional for what we need and I am all about function.

So what’s wrong with it:

  • It’s not wide enough; our TV is wider than it.
  • It has wood doors and our DVD and Xbox controllers will not work with the doors closed, so our mess is out in the open and it’s hard to relax.
  • It doesn’t hold all of our DVDs in a user-friendly, searchable way

How did we decide it was time to move on from our makeshift TV stand? We were window shopping at Arhaus and we saw a beautiful media center on clearance. Perfect. No. A plant was hiding the reason for it being on clearance and the damage was too much at any price.

Since, we have been very unsuccessful in our search. We are having a hard time finding anything we really love- this is going to be with us for a long time we need to love it.

The closest we have gotten to perfection is Pottery Barn’s Printer’s Collection. We love that we can customize it to our needs by choosing a configuration that works for us and the finish is beautiful. What we don’t love is that the piece is not solid wood. So, now what? We are thinking about having a piece made by a local carpenter, or purchasing the Printer’s Collection piece.


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