Fine Friday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is Monday. Whether you love it, or hate it is a day that comes and goes like every other day. I personally like Valentine’s Day.

For Marshall and I Valentine’s Day has always been special. Our very first Valentine’s together he made dinner for me. I’ll never forget it. I was so nervous we were going to miss our reservation, which he told me was at 7:30. I called my mother, she would know what to do. She said to trust him. He must know what he is doing, but that he is running rather late and maybe I should call the restaurant to let them know. Then he arrived…sweating. What is going on? He escorts me downstairs and drives me to his apartment. What? I walked in and he was in the middle of cooking just for me. He made me poached salmon with lemon dill sauce, green beans and baked new potatoes. He loved me. I knew it at that moment.

Since then we have spent our Valentines’ together enjoying lavish meals, good wine and heart-warming dessert. What can I say, we are suckers for good cooking. I think we are both wanna-be chefs.

This year’s celebration will be extra special. We will be visiting our wedding town, Honeoye Falls, for the first time since getting married.

Happy weekend all and I promise to be back to my blogging self next week. This flu really kicked me! Until then…enjoy being surrounded by those you love, or do something you love!


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