Before & After: Our Dining Room Table

I love gifts, surprises and the works. I’m definitely not one of those who poo poos a surprise. So you can imagine how happy we were when we were gifted a kitchen table and four chairs from Marshall’s Aunt and Uncle. It was a basic polyurethane table. The table had many dents from two little ones shooting race cars across it, pencil digs, and glue stains. After being their family’s kitchen table for many years we were hoping to refurbish it and make it ours. There house was large. They had two tables- a dining room table and a kitchen table. We aren’t that lucky. We have one space that serves both functions. Here’s a look at our work…finishing wood work is an art form, so you can tell we need a little more time to refine it. We are still really happy with the way it turned out.

Kitchen Room Table:

Our Dining Room Table:


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