Fine Friday: When the dust settles

Happy Friday all!

Ever since Deanna blogged about The Owl House we have been looking forward to trying it. Thank goodness we are headed there tonight. Yesterday, I shared how crazy our week was and how Marshall and I are looking forward to finishing our big re-do project, so we can move on. Here’s a taste of a few projects we have our eyes on for when the dust settles…

{DIY Chalkboard} I love the way Pottery Barn and other bloggers use chalkboards. I think they are a fun, creative and rustic way to write cute messages as a family or share a fun menu with guests. I still can’t decide if I would like a simple frame or a more decorative frame. Images from,, and

{Frame Walls} Designed chaos, that’s how I describe frame walls. I love them. Each frame is carefully placed and picture, fabric or letter carefully chosen, and the layered look…oh the layered look. I just love it. These three photos are some of my favorites. The first and third are from Pottery Barn and the middle image (my absolute favorite) is from I can’t wait to get started on a frame wall in our home, now I just have to figure out where.

{Starburst Mirror} I own nearly 6 mirrors. I love, love, love them. They bring light and color to a space. While I’m a little late to the sunburst mirror trend I don’t care, because I think they are classic looking. I can’t wait to try my hand at DIYing one of these fabulous mirrors. Images provided by,, and

Have a wonderful weekend!


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