DIY: Painted Horizontal Stripes

We still love the way all of our hard work in the guest bathroom came out this weekend. After we ever so gently pulled off the tape on Sunday, we took these photos. Do you like it as much as we do? Here’s a quick step by step on how we accomplished this look:

Plan. Determine about how many stripes you would like and if you would like your end result to be paint dark, light, dark or light, dark, light. Measure the height of your floor from baseboard to ceiling (or molding). We used Young House Love’s formula to determine this. It was a little confusing at first, but it worked.

Measure & Tape. Using a level, measure from the ceiling the length of your stripe and make a light mark. Move to the right about 1 foot and measure from the ceiling again. Using your level, match up both marks to make sure your marks are level. Adjust accordingly. Tape as you measure- tape inside the stripes that are your base color and tape outside your darker colored stripes. Also, make sure you press the tape on side you are planning to paint on.

*Note: We first used a tape measure, but realized our ceiling was a little uneven and our walls had a bit of a curve to them.  We tried following Young House Love’s steps here, but because our walls and ceiling aren’t perfect we had to switch to a level.

Paint. We used a smooth finish 6 inch roller and an angle brush. We started at the top and moved our way down. As soon as we finished the first coat, we started the second coat.

Remove the tape. As soon as you finish your second coat remove the tape. Do not wait for the paint to dry. The tape comes off cleaner if it is still wet. Just remove it slowly and carefully.

*Note: Knowing how long it took you to measure and tape it’s sad to see how fast the tape comes off, but the reward is in how beautiful your new walls look.


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