Fine Friday

Happy Friday! It has been a long week between work and working on the house after work, so I’m glad the weekend is almost here.

This week we’ve been working together in this really small space….


to get all of this done (and we did) …

  • sealed the tile grout
  • sanded the walls
  • applied extra Paint n’ Patch (this stuff is a lifesaver) where it was needed.
  • finished sanding the walls
  • applied primer to the walls and door and window trim
  • applied one coat of Behr’s Ultra Pure White to the window and door trim
  • applied two coats of Behr’s Toasted Marshmallow in satin

We pulled together an inspiration board for our downstairs bathroom. So far, we like it but I hesitate a bit because I feel like something is lacking. What do you think?


This weekend we will be testing our math skills and planning our the stripes. Have a fabulous weekend!


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