DIY: Window Panels

Do you know that feeling when you look up at the clock and realize you’ve lost yourself in what you’re working on, because you’re enjoying it so much? Shockingly, that is how I felt working on the curtains for our dining room. We got started around 9 a.m. and measured until 1 p.m. That’s right, measured. Lost in fabric, pins, and two irons that were working on and off, I completely forgot the time. I should have made sewing one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been wanting to try to make curtains for so long. You see, I’m one of those people who looks at curtains, pillow cases, and other things and say “I can make that.”

I feel confident now that I could make panels of my own, although I might need a mathematician to help me get the measurements down.

Materials needed:

Here are a few pictures of our work along the way…

Here’s the finished product…

What do you think?

I couldn’t believe how much fun I had working on these. Next up pillow covers!


2 Replies to “DIY: Window Panels”

  1. Well done! Do you love them? Do you look at them every time you enter the room, and then check them one more time, just to admire your handiwork? 🙂 And, are you glad you went with that fabric… I am! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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