Lunar Light or Toasted Marshmallow?

We’ve painted almost every room in our house and some twice. We’ve looked at countless chips and samples. We are constantly wondering who comes up with the paint names and how do they do it? I don’t know why we are so curious, but we are. When we moved in we painted our dining room Behr’s Winter Mood. What color do you think that is? It was a light green. How does light green represent a winter mood? Oh well, the art of naming paint will remain a mystery to us.

Now that the tile in the guest bathroom is complete and Marshall sealed it last night, we will be priming the walls and painting the ceiling tonight. Leaving me time to paint this weekend. I’m so excited, not to pick up a paint brush, but to finally start putting our bathroom back together. We decided on painting horizontal stripes in the guest bathroom a while ago. I shared our inspiration photos here.  Since, I’ve reviewed a few techniques to prepare for this job. With careful planning and Marshall double-checking my math I think we can pull it off. The important thing is choosing the right paint colors. So, it’s decision time again and we are between Behr’s Toasted Marshmallow and Country Beige, or Lunar Light and Belvedere Cream. Below they look pretty similar, but there is more contrast between the TM and CB than the LL and BC. What do you think?

The bathroom now…


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