Reclaiming our space

We love the warmth and texture reclaimed wood brings to a room, so much so that I posted about it here . Since, we’ve been itching to use it in our home somewhere and I think we’ve finally found that somewhere, our kitchen.

Before we demo’d the kitchen we drew up these plans.

It’s funny looking at our plans from July and how fast the plan can change. The most important thing we’ve learned in our remodel is flexibility.

Our plan shifted shortly after we opened up the wall we planned to knock down. Not only did we discover it was load-bearing, but the wall housed the heating and air ducts for upstairs and the upstairs bathroom plumbing. All of that had to be redirected to the chase and the weight of the house had to be redirected to a beam we built and added.

Due to this shift, the lone cabinet that is in the drawing would no longer fit between the chase and the window. Are you following me? So, open shelving made of reclaimed wood is the solution. Now we just have to locate the reclaimed wood. Ideally we would use thick pieces of reclaimed wood to make three to four shelves.

When we dream of our kitchen completely finished, here’s how we envision the open selves in our space, obviously on a smaller scale and made of wood.

Image from Apartment Therapy


Image from Apartment Therapy


Image from Elements of Style

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