DIY: A new project

We love a good DIY project, so when we weren’t finding curtains we loved for our dining room I quickly proclaimed, “Hey I can do that!” After talking my mom into helping me of course.

You’ve read about our window treatments here and here, so you know when it comes to curtains we are…shy. It’s probably due to our love of natural light. Basic panels without much frill due the trick for us.  We searched online for a little inspiration and noticed that we like high contrast and patterns to bring in texture.

Our dining room is a bold, dark Schoolhouse Slate. There are two windows in the space, one large front window and one smaller, raised picture window.


The plan is to make two long panels for the front window and hang the curtain rod about 4-5 inches above the molding, with the curtain hem about an inch from the floor. The picture window is causing a bit of disagreement. Marshall thinks we should leave it as is because it is raised we don’t lose any privacy and he likes the extra natural light. While I agree with him, the disagreement stems from a finished look. I think the space will look more finished with a roman shade hung inside the molding of the picture window.

Regardless of the picture window, we are moving forward with the panels. After a little fabric shopping, here are the pictures that were sent to Marshall via my iPhone. We have a favorite, what do you think?


2 Replies to “DIY: A new project”

  1. I like the last two. Either would look great against the color you guys have on the walls. Can’t wait to see the final result!

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