What’s for dinner?

In November I wrote about my menu planing being out-of-whack because of our kitchen renovation. Do I sound like a nudge or what?

Now that we have our kitchen in a usable state and being January it’s high time we start fresh. The “EAT” notebook magnet I used has been depleted. Instead of coughing up the coins for a new one I decided to take the time and challenge my InDesign skills to create my own tool. The advantage doesn’t end with the coinage either. By creating my own template I knew it would fit my needs. We need a place to see the week’s menu, but also jot down needed items we run out of throughout the week. So, I created a perforated edge to make it easy to grab our list for shopping and leave the menu for the week!

To take a bit of my craziness away, I do find that we stick to cooking if we have a plan. The last-minute meals make it easier for us to buy prepared meals or take out. Once the kitchen is complete I will find the lists true home. I’m thinking of hanging them on a clipboard for the easiest accessibility!

Happy organizing!


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