I was playing with my mom’s Christmas gift- her iPad

when I was shocked to see

that my friend Deanna

had passed along an award to little ol’ me!

I enjoy catching up with Deanna on her blog and as I mostly know her professionally, her blog lets me see who she really is. Reading her musings has inspired me to keep on writing myself and to be daring and fun with my photography. So Dear Deedle, I thank you very much for this inspiring surprise!

The Versatile Blogger Rules:
::Thank and link back the bestower of the award  ::share 7 things about yourself.  ::Pass along the award to bloggers you enjoy!

  1. I love milk and cookies.
  2. Chunky jewelry inspires me
  3. I have an unhealthy need to watch British TV- Doc Martin anyone?
  4. For me, baking is therapy
  5. Clutter stresses me out
  6. I have kept a journal since sixth grade
  7. My husband and family are my world

The Versatile blogger that I would like to pass this award along to is my sister, Lisa. I love catching up on her life in Boston and her sense of humor is refreshing, especially when it comes to her daughter. She’s a hardworking momma and she still finds time to share their adventures- big and small. My only wish is that she had time to write even more.


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