Happy New Year

Are you one to write resolutions? I’ve always thought about them, but never have written one down. Don’t get me wrong I make goals for myself, almost daily. I guess you could say that I don’t relay on the New Year to make resolutions, or goals- change is apart of my everyday life. I thought this year would be a good time to make a few resolutions with my husband. Write down some of our shared and personal goals to keep us in check throughout the year. Here are a few that are on our minds:

  • Travel- Visit a new village, city and state, maybe even a new country
  • Practice, practice, practice photography (R)
  • Print wedding photos (from our awesome Photographer- Matt) and hang them up around our home
  • Start painting again (M)
  • Finish the kitchen, back entry way and guest bathroom
  • Late winter house project: Empty all remaining boxes in the guest room, office and basement. Then organize and use our space as it should be and not as a holding spot!
  • Spring/Summer house project: Patio!
  • Be Happy: We have each other and our families- a lot to be happy about!
  • Mind, Body and Soul: Find healthy balance and exercise, smile, and de-stress in our own ways and together.
  • Keep blogging as long as I enjoy it!

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