Christmas is coming

There’s a really big box under the tree with a big M on it. Marshall asked me if it’s a trick gift. Is it really that big? All I could do was sing, “Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…” Ok, so I take after my mother, but it reminded me how close Christmas is and how different this year is going to be.

It’s our first Christmas as the Statts and with that comes a blending of our family traditions and introducing some new ones that we want to start. We are pretty lucky to have two understanding families. The Lamanna’s decided to hold Christmas on New Year’s Eve eve and New Year’s Eve, so we are able to slow down for Christmas weekend and enjoy each other and Marshall’s family.

So, what am I looking forward to this holiday season…

  • Enjoying Christmas Eve with my husband and bringing out the china!
  • Coffee and presents with Marshall on Christmas morning (I can’t wait to see his face!)
  • Spending time with my new family, the Statts, on Christmas morning
  • Playing games and enjoying calzones with my parents on Christmas night
  • Waiting one whole week and doing it all again with my parents, siblings and nieces and nephew

This year Marshall and I did start three new traditions.

  • Thanksgiving weekend tree shopping. We spend time hunting for the perfect tree and then, yup we chop it down ourselves (well, Marshall does). Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to kick off the Christmas cheer and we get to enjoy our tree for one whole month.
  • The Stattathon (yes, we are complete dorks). Starting the week after Thanksgiving each Wednesday we took the night off from doing work, or other post-work activities, made a really good dinner and watched a Christmas movie. Tonight is the last one.
  • Give. This holiday season we donated to One Home Many Hopes, Hillside Work Scholarship Connection and Foodlink. We are blessed each and every day, so it’s the perfect time of year for us to reflect on our blessings and give back.

So, while I am working these next few days dreaming of the holidays this is what I will be thinking of and wrapping my last-minute gifts. Merry almost Christmas!


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