He giveth…He taketh away

You know that feeling when you have something and then it gets taken away; like when your father’s been working on lovely drawers for your new kitchen. He installs them, they look awesome and slide beautifully and you start to fall in love. I could imagine the silverware within an arm’s length and the organization made me giddy. Then with the power of a drill they are disassembled and taken away.

That’s how I felt on Saturday morning. I moved on quickly and focused my efforts on the to do list I made on Friday.

How did we do? Well we accomplished this:

  • Put one coat of paint on the cabinet doors (last coat tonight!)
  • Cleaned the cabinets
  • Inserted the shelves we could
  • Started to figure out the new flow of our kitchen, right now we are testing the new home of our drinking glasses, coffee mugs and wine glasses.
  • Finished back splash backerboard (one section is cut just not in place because we decided to add under cabinet lighting.
  • Finished cutting tile floor backerboard.
  • Emptied the dining room of all garbage, extra products, makeshift eating area, old microwave and hutch.
  • Painted the dining room ceiling Behr Ceiling Paint- Interior Flat, white
  • Painted the dining room Martha Stewart color-matched Behr Satin Schoolhouse Slate.

I’d say we did pretty well. Nearly everything on our list was accomplished and we even added a few things.

The dining room work made a huge difference. It’s nice to have my silverware, paper plates, and drinking glasses in the kitchen. Everything is easier, even getting a drink of water. Clearing out the clutter and space was like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders and the paint…the paint looks so different. I’m still getting used to it. M loves it. It does make the kitchen and dining room feel like one, finally! Let me just say, I’m sorry for our poor photos here. I promise some good after shots of the dining room walls soon!

Freshly painted ceiling

Replaced subfloor

I’m so excited to share with you what the next few weeks of work will bring… all of the awesome finishing touches. Our refinished, free dining room table and chairs, our deal of a chandelier and hopefully those lovely drawers my papa has worked hours on.


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