Fine Friday: Blog Love

This morning was the first morning this week that I did not have to brush the car off or shovel our walkway- yea! And it’s Friday.

It has been a slow but great week full of working on the house, great dinners and relaxing at home- we even got two games of Scrabble in. This weekend is sure to follow a similar path.

M and I still have a lot of work to get done. Our kitchen renovation is trucking along. With my palms pressed together I’m praying we get moving on a lot this weekend: finish painting the cabinet doors, finish painting the base and upper cabinets, clean the tools out of the kitchen, clean the cabinets, insert the shelves, figure out what where all of our kitchen dishes, silverware, cookware, bakeware, etc. will call home, finish putting up backsplash backer board, and last but certainly not least get our tile floor started. With that said, I’m hoping that this

will look just a little different after the next two days…even to you!

Today’s Fine Friday is focused on blogs I am lovin’: jones design company, Bower Power, and The Lettered Cottage. Whether it’s their design or writing style; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You can find the links at the very bottom, left of Our Fine House under Blogroll.

Have a great weekend!


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