Rome wasn’t built in a day

…so I guess I shouldn’t expect my photography skills to be either. As I mentioned here, M was thoughtful enough to research the best SLR camera for me, the Nikon D90. Now that it’s arrived I am frustrated as all-well you know-trying to figure out how to use it.

About two years ago I took a black and white, film photography class. The camera I learned exposure on, lighting on and how to create the perfect picture on was a Nikon SLR film camera. I even learned how to develop film and create prints. It was a great experience, taught me a lot about photography and helped me develop a passion for it.

Too bad it was two years ago. Since we got engaged, bought a house, planned a wedding, got married, and we are now renovating our home. It’s left little time for my passion for great photography, so my point and shoot has been in my pocket more often than not. I’m not proud. I’m sad. All the things I learned I am finding myself working to recall. Not to mention the numerous functions and abilities of the D90.

This week alone I have spent 3 hours reminding myself of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed- the perfect exposure triangle. In those three hours I’ve had a lot of “oh no” and talking myself through it moments and a very few “ok, good” moments.


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