Before & After: Glass Doorknob Coat Rack

My parents have beautiful wood molding surrounding all of their windows and doors inside of their 1880 farm house. The molding is American Chestnut, which, according to Pa, is really rare now. I saw a bunch of it upstairs in my pa’s old workroom and asked him if I could snag a bit-I posted about it here.

I sanded the molding down with medium grit and finished it with fine grit.

We had leftover stain from refinishing our dining room table, Minwax Provincial. I put two coats of stain and one coat of polyurethane on the molding. Throughout this process I had been on the hunt for glass doorknobs. I bought two from Historic Houseparts and two from Home Depot and the final two were given to me by my brother (so glad he held onto them from his old house).

All in all the coat rack cost me $45. It’s nice to walk in and have a place to put our coats and purses that is quicker to access than the coat closet- options are good!


6 Replies to “Before & After: Glass Doorknob Coat Rack”

  1. I’m trying to make my own right now but I can’t figure out how to attach the door knobs. I went to multiple hardware stores but no one has any kind of screws, bolts or washers to fit the door knob thread. I read some on line posts where folks are using gorilla glue and dowels. How did you do it? I would love to hear back.

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