Fine Friday: Christmas

Pulling out the Christmas decorations and lighting up our home is probably one of the greatest feelings…each and every year I look forward to doing it; even when we were in our 800-square foot town house.

Owning a home takes this task to a new level because we now have the outside to think about. Our neighborhood is like the McCallister’s in Home Alone– some of the houses are probably 2,000 square feet smaller- but you get the idea. Last year we just threw lights up. It was freezing, we didn’t own very many and we really didn’t have a plan before we started. We just wanted to get back inside to drink hot chocolate.

Before throwing our coats on and repeating last year’s mistakes we spent some time on our ride back to the house after Thanksgiving discussing a game plan.

The truth is we don’t have a great deal of Christmas or holiday decorations. As noted earlier we didn’t have space for any storage space in our small apartment, we hardly had room for our small tree. Marshall picked up our stocking as Wegmans two years ago to surprise me. That being said, it is my firm belief, no matter how much self-control it takes on my part, that just buying everything you like right now isn’t the way to purchase anything- even Christmas decorations.  It’s finding things along the way that you love and adding them in.

Our plan was to keep it fairly simple, use what we have, and only purchase some garland for the outside of the house (no pictures of the outside yet, sorry!) and you’ll see we are still in need of a beautiful tree topper. We have yet to find the perfect one. Here is what Christmas looks like at the Statt’s this year.

Hopefully your homes are all filled with the holiday spirit! Happy Friday!


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