Adventures in Pie Crust

My mom is known for making some of the best pies our family and friends have ever tasted. Marshall thinks it’s all in the pie crust, while I think it’s all in the filling. Her crust is amazing as are her fillings, no matter what pie she tackles it’s delicious. Our favorite is mixed berry, it was inspired by a pie she bought from my sister’s school fundraiser. We all liked it and she decided to imitate it. She did that and improved on it. So, you get the picture she is basically a master pie maker.

For Thanksgiving this year I have to bring one pie to my mother’s house and one pie to my in-law’s house. So, last night while Marshall worked to hook up our sink, connect our faucet and get the water running, I attempted to make my very first pie crust. I’m ashamed to say I’ve purchased my crusts until now or just left the pie making to the master.

I started with these ingredients and these tools.

I just realized all of my ingredients are Wegmans branded- ha- that’s great!

I started by measuring out all of the ingredients- 5 cups of flour, 2.5 cups of shortening, 1 egg+3T vinegar+water=1 cup. With all of the ingredients in the bowl I used a pastry blender to blend everything together. Until it looked like this…

After it was blended I took the dough and divided it into four equal parts and formed those parts into balls. I will be finishing the pies tomorrow night, rolling out the dough, making the fillings and baking them therefore I put each dough ball into a resealable bag and into the refrigerator. The dough can also be placed in a freezer safe bag and frozen until it needs to be used. This recipe yields four crusts or two upper and two lower crusts.

Let’s hope these turn out like I want them. I’ll update on tomorrow’s adventure in rolling it out and baking the pies.


2 Replies to “Adventures in Pie Crust”

    1. Thanks, Tes. I’m anxious to see how they turn out-too bad I won’t be able to really test it until the entire family does! If you try to make coconut waffles post about it. My husband and I love coconut!

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