Granite Goodness

“Oh my goodness!” That’s about all I could squeeze out of my mouth between ear-to-ear smiling yesterday. After much anticipation we feel like proud parents and our baby is our new granite…is that taking it a little too far?

Regardless, our granite was installed yesterday and aside from the smell and dust it created it’s gorgeous. Have I shared with you my disdain for construction dust and its way of infiltrating our entire house like it’s laughing at me.

For the last week I have been harboring fears that we made the wrong decision; how is it going to look; what if we don’t like it; what if it looks funny or too bland with our kitchen? So, I was afraid to even walk upstairs from painting in the basement when Marshall yelled down that Roma had arrived.

We nervously awaited the first piece, the second, third and so on until they were all in the house. After a few hours of measuring, cutting, gluing, siliconing and polishing, the Roma men were finished. All we could do was stand in the kitchen staring at it and smiling. Our kitchen actually started to look-what’s the word?- finished!

Just looking at it makes me want to cook up a Thanksgiving feast, roll out pizza dough and bake cookies just so I can use the space for them to cool. While that sounds totally dorky, it’s all true.

It’s hard for me to believe this is what the kitchen looked like when we started.

Over the weekend we sanded and smoothed the spackle. On Sunday morning we were able to paint the ceiling and walls with primer. We also installed all of our cabinets and the micro-hood. Before the granite this is what we were working with.

After the Roma men worked their magic our kitchen now looks like this.

Tonight Marshall is hooking up our sink and faucet- Oh yeah, water back in the kitchen. While he is doing that I will be attempting to successfully make my first pie crust. For Thanksgiving this year I have to make two pies- apple and pecan, an appetizer and rolls. If all goes well I’ll post something about the adventure!


2 Replies to “Granite Goodness”

  1. Hi Rosi, I stumbled onto your blog when I was doing a search of “Kashmir White” granite pictures to get an idea of how that would look in a kitchen. It is hard to see what a full counter top will look like from a small sample piece! One of your pictures came up from when you were picking granite or quartz. I then started reading some of your other entries and am enthralled by your DIY skills and your baking skills. I may have to borrow one or two of your recipes. I’m no baker but willing to try it. Anyway, some of your photos don’t display from the kitchen remodel, but it looks like you did go with the Kashmir white. Is that correct? If so, I am hopeful I also chose wisely going with that. I like you, was afraid it was too bland, too white, etc. I have an old house built in 1924 and have slowly upgraded the remodel done by the previous owner. I had travertine tile installed in the kitchen and with the golden (maple color) wood floors people kept suggesting brown/gold granite for the granite which is replacing black porcelain tiles. I don’t want it all to blend but rather want a bright contrast and down the road want to change the cabinets or paint them white. Anyway, your color choice inspires me. Now I just wish I could design the backsplash…so far thinking tumbled stone (4×4) tile with maybe some intermittent accent tiles like spanish/mexican for color. Anyways thanks for sharing. Please post more pictures of your kitchen/counters. 🙂 ~MLC in Texas

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