Fine Friday

It’s my wonderful husband’s birthday today. He’s turning 28. I can’t believe we met when we were 25! It feels like it was yesterday that we were on our first date, hiking in the Finger Lakes. To celebrate his birthday and honor him on our fine blog he is my fine find of the week, month, year and many years to come!

We have had such an amazing year. Last October we moved into Casa Statt, we were married in June and now we are renovating like crazy. To help with those renovations and to ease his pain a bit when he is working this year he received an awesome, manly-man drill from his lovely wife. Thanks to we got an awesome deal and my father for his amazing research.

It’s a birthday month a Casa Statt. My birthday was five days ago and one year ago (a few weeks ago) we moved into our home. To celebrate Casa Statt we are giving our home a new kitchen- yea! For my birthday/Christmas this year M got me (us) a camera. We’re still researching, but I think we are between the Nikon D-60 or the Nikon D-90.


Nikon D-60



Nikon D-90



Happy birthday, husband—I love you!



2 Replies to “Fine Friday”

  1. Get the D90. You’ll like having the Auto focus in the camera much better than just in the lens. Then you can use old lenses on it and STILL have auto focus. I have a D80 (for that reason) and LOVE IT.

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