Healthy Living

Living healthy is something that is really important to me and it’s been very hard to sustain that mentality and lifestyle while renovating our kitchen. The grass is always greener, right?

It is a huge responsibility to create our grocery list each week. I am the one who does this at Casa Statt. When M and I got married it meant buying and thinking healthy for two.

My weekly routine of building our dinners and shopping list is nonexistent and I miss it. Each and every Sunday morning I would grab my coffee and a few Everyday Food Magazine’s to plan out our meals for the week. From that I would build our grocery list- organized by produce, pantry, meat and dairy. After dinners are decided I would think about lunches and snacks. This weekly meal plan was placed on our fridge and it included which magazine the recipe came from and the page numbers. I used the “What To EAT” magnet pad. When this runs out I think I will create my own.

Think my crazy planning is crazy yet? It is the best way to eat healthy, control impulse buys and cook our own meals.

There’s my secret and one of the routine things I miss most about a functioning kitchen.


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