TKU- Total Kitchen Update

We are making progress, right? At a snail’s pace we are moving forward and we couldn’t be happier- Ok maybe a little happier if it were at a cheetah’s pace. Yesterday, Roma Tile & Granite visited Casa Statt to take the template for our granite countertops. It was such a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy it was quick and efficient, but I was disappointed it was one man and his measuring tape. I was so excited for the day and it took so long for us to get to this day and then poof Template Man was here and gone and he definitely didn’t look as happy to see me as I was to see him.

Marshall and I spent about 3o minutes taking our electric blue, sawdust and glue counter tops off the base cabinets and removed the sink. What do you think? I actually think it looks better with no counter tops.

The two black metal strips will be for our pull out cutting board.

Our friend Mark is doing an excellent job spackling. He will put his final coat on tomorrow. Our next job is using an extra fine sandpaper to smooth out the walls and dust down. We will then apply primer and paint (more paint, so excited).

The week day nights are left to get the painting done. By night our basement is the paint factory and by day it’s releasing fumes and airing out.

First I sanded all of the cabinets and cabinet doors. I then filled any holes or imperfections with wood filler and used wood glue to repair one piece on the sink’s base cabinet. Then I primed all of the surface areas we would see. I started with the cabinets. I then sanded the primed surfaces with a 220 grit sandpaper and dusted the cabinets off. Then I put one coat of Behr’s Ultra Pure White Kitchen/Bathroom Paint. After the coat dried I sanded it with 220 grit paper, dusted the surface off and applied another coat. This step is being repeated until it reaches the desired texture. I am on the third coat and I think four will do it. The cabinet doors are a bit harder, as both sides need to be painted multiple times and allowed the proper time to cure as they need to be flipped and done again.

Which door is original to our kitchen?

We can’t wait for Monday (even though we have a lot to accomplish before then)- our granite gets installed!


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