The beginning of the end

We are so excited! Our template for the granite we ordered is scheduled for Monday! We have so much to do before the installation which is only a week after the template. The list is a bit daunting, but the thought of seeing the kitchen we have been working on since August come to life is keeping us excited versus stressed!

Tonight we prepared the kitchen to get spackled. We decided to hire this job out. After talking to many people we learned that spackling is a learned art form and we decided we want our ceiling and walls to be as smooth and straight as we can have them.

Here is what the kitchen looks like now. Mark’s job will be to come in and patch all of the drywall. Add metal corners and use mud to make the walls and ceiling gel…this is how I describe it, but I am sure it is lacking. After he gets done with this really messy job, because in between each coat of mud (and there are about three) the walls get sanded down, the walls will be ready for primer and paint. Check out our lovely new plastic doorways. We are hoping to control some of the dust this way.

We are so excited for tomorrow. It feels like it’s the beginning of the end. Ok, we aren’t delusional. We know we still have a long way to go.


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