Fine Friday

Happy Friday!

My holiday Pottery Barn came in the mail this week. I don’t pay for this magazine. On that note, it’s not a magazine at all. It’s a catalog. It’s interesting then how many people (probably women) look at this catalog as it were a magazine. Devouring it end to end. It’s not full of useful articles or tips and tricks, but I love it. I love looking through and seeing all of the possibilities. There isn’t a to-do list at the end of what I need to eat to stay healthy, what I should start drinking to get all my vitamins or what kind of cream to put on my face.

It gets me thinking outside the box on designing the spaces of my home. Some people would cringe when I say that, because Pottery Barn to them is a style and it isn’t outside the box, it’s inside the box- the yuppy Pottery Barn box.

Pottery Barn isn’t the only catalog I have sent to me. I also subscribe to CB2, Crate & Barrel, West Elm and others. It’s important for me to look at all styles and see what my favorite stores are doing. It’s a blend of all of these that make my style. It’s not one store.

Today’s Fine Friday is free catalogs! I know, weird right and maybe something you already knew. These magazines or catalogs are full of ideas and inspiration. Maybe it’s not exactly what products are used to create the perfect space, but taking a look into the image and asking yourself, “What do I like about the room?” Or, “How does the room make me feel?” Then you will start figuring our bits of your style and maybe some great ideas or pieces you already have hidden in your spare room will see the light again.



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